Domestic Upholstery

High Quality, High Standards Domestic Furniture Upholstery

Domestic Upholstery

James Young Interior Design & Upholstery provides residential clients all over Dublin with high quality domestic upholstery. Our dedicated upholsterers have 25 years of experience and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver professional upholstery services to the highest of standards.

Our domestic furniture upholstery offers clients a cost-effective alternative to throwing away broken or out-of-date furniture. By reupholstering an item you can give it a new lease of life, reduce your waste, and save money. As upholstery specialists, we provide a comprehensive range of services including everything from the simple repair of a single stool to the complete upgrade of a living room suite with new fabric and upholstery. At James Young Interiors we are committed to quality and as such we only source fabric, materials and equipment from trusted and reputable suppliers. As part of this dedication, all upholstery work undertake by James Young Interiors comes with a 12 month guarantee. Our expert team is highly skilled in working with both modern furniture and antique pieces. With years of knowledge, we are on hand to offer advice, make fabric recommendations, and assist in material selection and design.


James Young Interiors’s domestic furniture upholstery services include:

Domestic Upholstery

  • Upholster New Furniture

  • Reupholster Antique Furniture

  • Upholstery Repairs

  • Hand Sprung Padded Seats

  • Hand Stitched Finishes

  • Felt and Horsehair Padding

  • Leather Repairs

  • Frame Repairs

  • French Polishing

  • Arm Covers

  • New Cushions

  • Springs Replaced

  • Part or Full Covers

  • Repair to Runners and Guides

  • Foam Replacement

  • Castors Replaced

  • Furniture Cleaning

  • Re-Padding

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Domestic Upholstery – FAQs

  • What is domestic upholstery?

    Domestic upholstery involves adding new upholstery, the reupholstery, or upholstery repairs to household items. The most common household items that are re-upholstered are sofas, armchairs, stools, and antique furniture as well as couch cushions, headboards, and leather suites.

  • Can vintage furniture be upholstered?

    Vintage, antique, and traditional furniture pieces can be both upholstered and reupholstered. For new upholstery and reupholstery, we can choose a fabric that will give the piece a modern, updated look while keeping the character of the item.

  • How much does domestic upholstery cost?

    The cost of our domestic upholstery services will vary from project to project. The price is dependent on what kind of furniture we are working with, the chosen fabric, the extent of the repair works, etc. Please contact us directly to receive a free quote.